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JetwayTM  NSO-BK    

Black housing,Black fabric

WalnutWeave TM NSO-WFL

White housing, walnut trim, woven fabric face


CharcoalWeave TM NSO-WFD

Medium warm gray housing, darkwalnut  trim, woven fabric face Custom Finishes for brands and groups (MOO maybe requred)

Custom Finishes for brands and groups (MOO maybe requr



Width        3. 7" (94mm)

Depth        2.55" (65mm)

Height       3.85" (98mm) 


FCC certified compliant

UL listed power supp y

Qi Certif ed

Fabric Face The decor nsp red designfeatures a classic round clock face 

re-imagined in woven fabric wth thetime sh n ng through. its a modem decor accent that meets the essent all bedside tech needs for modem guests. 

 Charge it All USS universal charging  supports smart phones, iPad, Kindle, wireless headphones, digital cameras, portable gaming and other USS compatible devices. 

Guest Friendly


USB Fast charging 2X 2.4A + 1A 

Hotel Ready

Setup & Maintenance

One-Time Set Easy time set

Auto-Day Light Savings time changes

Self-Charging memory backup

No backup battery to replace 


Simple set, Single use alarm

Dimmable display .85" Time digits 


Tamper-proof time settings

Tamper-proof power disconnect

Security Tether 

Station O  2x USB, Wireless Charging | Nonstop Alarm Clock | PDI Hospitality

Conpact Footprnt Station o boasts the smallest footprint of any hotel a arm  clock with USS charging. it fits  comfortably even in compact bedsde  areas while leaving space for guests'  personal items on the nightstand. 

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