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NF693 Series Healthcare TVs

Sharp, clear, high definition
patient comfort


Entertainment can contribute greatly to the comfort of a patient. And in our efforts to make a positive impact on patient outcomes, our Healthcare Series TVs have been designed with hospital-specific features.

An interchangeable pillow speaker interface works without the need for an external set-top/set-back box, eliminates the hassle of fumbling with remotes, and also allows adequate listening volume without disturbing others. 

Samsung Healthcare TVs are compatible with many interactive patient education systems. Patients receive stunning Samsung picture quality, while you receive cost savings from LED technology that uses up to 50% less energy. Facility managers benefit from side-mounted USB ports for convenient set-up, the on-site commercial warranty and business support services. And Samsung’s LYNK REACH 4.0 management solution makes content management simple. It’s the line of Healthcare TVs that brings comfort to both you and your patients  

Key Features

UL-Listed for Hospital Use  

Samsung Healthcare Series televisions are specifically engineered to meet the stringent requirements for use in hospital environments. Manufactured in accordance with UL’s published and nationally recognized Standards for Safety, Samsung Healthcare Series TVs provide worry-free patient comfort.  

Universal Pillow Speaker Interface  

An easy-to-use interface for multiple styles of pillow speakersis built right into the TV. That means no set-top/set-back boxis required, while eliminating the hassle of lost remotes andchanging batteries.  

Improved H.Browser for more streamlined operations  

Enabled by Tizen, Samsung’s H.Browser allows greater flexibilityfor content development. System integrators have the opportunityto create even smarter solutions.  

Samsung LYNK™ REACH 4.0 content management solution.  

Samsung’s LYNK REACH 4.0 is a complete content managementsolution that accommodates coaxial, LAN and Wi-Fi infrastructuresto amplify hospital management, monitoring and patient servicefunctions. It allows healthcare providers to give patients easyaccess to educational information, and also keeps patients andtheir visitors entertained. That can improve patient and guestcomfort, and help boost HCAHPS scores.  

NF693 Series Dimensions

Technical Specifications

HG32NF693GF / HG40NF693GF /HG43NF693GF / G49NF693GF

  • Digital Audio Out (Optical)  

  • USB (HDD 1.0A) / Cloning  

  • HDMI In 3 (ARC)  

  • HDMI In 2  

  • HDMI In 1  

  • LAN  

  • Audio Out  

  • Ex-Link (RS-232C)  

  • Antenna In (Air / Cable)  

  • Data (RJ12)  

  • Pillow Out  

  • Component / AV In 

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