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RCA Hospitality Televisions | PDI Hospitality

RCA Hospitality Televisions

The RCA CE Series, RCA’s newest line of commercial TVs developed for hotel owners. Designed to elevate the guest experience, the CE Series comes equipped with a premium sound bar, delivering immersive and crystal-clear audio. With sleek design, exceptional audio quality, and expanded entertainment options, the CE Series sets a new standard for in-room entertainment, ensuring an unforgettable stay for every guest.

The PT Series hospitality television, the first line of 4K resolution TVs from RCA. The PT Series includes Hospitality-Specific features to improve the guest entertainment experience, while reducing the cost of ownership. This new entry into the RCA Hospitality Line of TVs is Pro:Idiom enabled to provide your guests with the latest in 3rd-party entertainment & programming. Works with all major 3rd party-content providers like DirecTV, COX, ENSEO, Dish Network and more.