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Width     4.6” (117mm)

Depth     2.4” (60mm)

Height     3.0” (84mm)


FCC certified compliant

UL certified with internal power supply

Charging for Everyone USB universal charging supports  smart phones, iPad, Kindle,  wireless headphones, digital  cameras, portable gaming and 

other USB compatible devices. 

The Easiest Ever Alarm to Use To set, simply press the dedicated 

alarm hour and minute buttons to set the wake up time— no special 

buttons to hold or “setting mode” with flashing display.  To turn on and off slide the color  coded switch to turn the alarm on  and off— green means on and red  when off.

Guest Friendly


USB Charging 2X 2A

Hotel Ready

Setup & Maintenance

Auto-Day Light Savings time changes

Self-Charging memory backup

No backup battery to replace


Simple set, Single use alarm Color Coded Alarm Slide  Dimmable white LED display 

 with custom clear 1” time digits


Tamper-proof time settings

Security Tether

Station E Clock, Alarm, 2x USB, Small Footprint | Nonstop Alarm Clock | PDI Hospitality

It’s Your Space to Brand Customprinted replaceable cards fit on the  charging tray— an ideal place to remind  guests to download your mobile app,  discover in-room features, promote  hotel amenities and more.

Lightsleeper™ Light sensitive guests

can dim or fully turn off the time display

to sleep in darkness

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